Why is GUVIST Important?

Our North Star:

To ensure everyone in our communities is safe, supported, and healthy in mind, body, and environment.

Benefit to Community Members:

Our community members deserve a better experience and systems that puts them at the center. The GUVIST process challenges the status quo, providing innovative upstream solutions to service delivery, which improves experience and access downstream. We prioritize community voice and challenge assumptions about the way the system currently operates, and are transparent with our aims and progress.

Why Be a Part of GUVIST?

Benefit to Participating Organizations:

Participating organizations have space to incubate integration ideas, identify other key players, learn a process to move towards integration, as well as access an Integration Catalyst (IC) to help coordinate work and guide the process. The organizations also have support and guidance from an Executive Council (EC) that is representative of the full scope of our community’s health and human services.

Visit the GUVIST website --Service-Integration-by-Design Upper Valley Region Vermont - New Hampshire