The GUVIST Integration Process

Our monthly meetings provide space to identify issues in our current health and social service systems, incubate integration ideas to solve them, and build a network of partners. Organizations committed to change may fill out a Proposal for Change form, which documents the problem, available data, and how integration could improve service delivery. The GUVIST Executive Council (EC) reviews proposals using criteria in the Review Matrix, and, once approved, provides ongoing leadership and support to the Service Delivery Networks. These networks are comprised of partner organizations, the Integration Catalyst, a liaison to the EC, and community voice, to help us understand and incorporate the lived experience. Together, they learn an integration process and disrupt the status quo.

GUVIST guides partner organizations through these stages to identify issues in our community, develop networks, improve service delivery through integration, and measure change. This process will evolve over time as we learn the best way to serve our community.

Part 4 Integration Coordination

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The EC Uses these Review Criteria
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