About the PHC

The Public Health Council of the Upper Valley (PHC) is our region’s trusted leader in public health, supporting the people, professionals, and organizations who, together, make our communities healthier places to live, work, and play.

Our mission is to improve the health of all Upper Valley residents. We do this in four key ways:

  1. Unify the public health priorities of the region to promote collaboration and progress towards shared goals.
  2. Work alongside health and human services organizations and policy makers to develop actionable plans and best practices to address the community’s priorities.
  3. Aggregate and disseminate important public health information across the region and bring people together to share ideas, experiences, and expertise.
  4. Act as a backbone support for underserved members of the community by serving as fiscal sponsor for program development, providing technical assistance, and advocating for health equity.

Dartmouth Health and ALL Together

Pictured above are Angie Leduc, Lauren Chambers, Andrea Smith, and Hanna Brooks from Dartmouth Health and ALL Together providing two Connect Suicide Prevention trainings to Rivendell School District. The NAMI NH Connect Suicide Prevention Training uses a public health approach to increase the capacity of communities to prevent suicide across the lifespan.

“Health and wellness of our communities is not a role for a single person, program, or partner. It is the collective impact of our communities working together, aligning, and communicating that will ultimately make a positive change. I am struck by the strong, and positive leadership of the PHC and the work that they move forward collectively.” — From Strategic Planning Participant