Advocating for Public Health

Advocacy TrainingMany factors affect the public health concerns identified by members of the Upper Valley community. These may include:

  • Access to Services (e.g. cost, location, or capacity);
  • Environmental Factors (e.g., safe and affordable housing, physical environment); and, among others,
  • Public Policy at the local, state, and national levels.

Recognizing that public policies can advance or inhibit our efforts to adress the priority health concerns of our region, the Public Health Council has a three-part plan to increase local policy action:

  1. Engage local policymakers about the priority health concerns of the region and how public policy affects the work we are doing with our partners.
  2. Provide training to our partners and members of our communities in how to advocate for public policy change.
  3. Link partners and members of our communities to respected organizations with a specific focus on advocacy around the issues of concern to our region.

Engage Local Policymakers

Host Bi-State Legislative events every two years to:

  • Engage legislators on the health issues of greatest concern to Upper Valley residents.
  • Share ways public policy affects Upper Valley residents access to high quality, affordable, coordinated, and consistent services.
  • Promote conversations to increase policy coordination between New Hampshire and Vermont.

PHC hosted the 2023 Bi-State Legislative Breakfast on November 6th. We focused on workforce, housing, and childcare policies as they impact our community’s health and were joined by many of the Upper Valley’s most knowledgeable people on the topics. READ MORE

Provide Training

Provide training opportunities each year for partners and other residents who want to learn about the legislative process and how to engage with legislators. We work closely with organizations like New Futures to ensure high-quality speakers and resources. New Futures also provides a regular schedule of training opportunities you can participate in at any time.

In 2022 and 2023, PHC co-hosted two advocacy skills trainings and one session for nonprofit leaders on the distinctions between advocacy and lobbying. Please contact Alice Ely to learn more about training opportunities and topics