Strengthening Families

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All families have supports to be healthy and thrive in our community, to include awareness of child abuse and neglect; trauma informed care & services; and access to healthy food.

Early Connections Pregnancy

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Early and Lasting Connections helps people who are in recovery or using substances and who are pregnant or postpartum connect with the care they need.

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Learn more about P2P and the Dartmouth Trauma Interventions Research Center here:

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Partners to Promote (P2P) Wraparound Study

Watch a short video about the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Partners to Promote (P2P) Wraparound Study.

A team at the Dartmouth Trauma Interventions Research Center is recruiting families affected by parental substance use to join in their P2P-Wraparound project. Partners to Promote Safety, Permanency and Well-Being for Families Affected by Substance Use (P2P) aims to improve the safety, permanency, well-being and functioning for families through delivering the Wraparound Process to eligible families. The Wraparound Process is a comprehensive family-centered enhanced care coordination model that is led by a trained Wraparound Coordinator. Family’s needs, their vision, and goals are at the center of this intervention.

From a recent participant of Wraparound: “Having someone who is down to earth is big and know I can vent and tell you things too without feeling bad. It’s also not dictated – we work together and I am in control of my life and how the meetings go. I feel very comfortable with [my Wraparound coordinator].”