Lead Poisons People, Especially Children

Lead poisons people - especially childrenLead poisoning can cause brain damage, learning disabilities, attention disorders, hyperactivity, behavior problems, and permanently reduce intelligence. Children and pregnant women are at special risk.

Lead poisoning can be prevented when you know what to look for.

About 70% of homes in VT and 62% of homes in NH were built before 1978, the year lead in house paint was banned.

Parents: New Hampshire and Vermont both require that all children are tested for lead exposure at ages 1 and 2. Ask your doctor about having YOUR children tested with a simple finger stick right at the doctor’s office. Results available within a few minutes.

Landlords and Child Care Providers: Know and follow your State’s lead laws.

Contractors and Renovators: Get Lead-Safe Certified. Adhere to EPA’s RRP (Renovate, Repair, Paint) laws.

Do-It-Yourselfers: Protect your family. Work lead-safe.

In 2019, about 580 NH Children and 400 VT children tested positive for childhood lead poisoning.

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