Substance Misuse

Andrea Smith and Hilary Schuler, AT staff, tabling in Colburn Park, Lebanon, summer 2021.

NH and VT continue to have some of the highest rates of alcohol and other drug use and binge use when compared with national averages. Misuse of these substances contributes to numerous community and health concerns, including accidental injuries, overdoses, maternal-child health complications, crime, and poor school/work performance.  A Columbia University study suggested that for every $60 spent addressing the consequences of substance misuse, we are spending only $1 in prevention and treatment.

Continuum of Care Model

ALL Together is the Public Health Council’s work group for addressing substance misuse in the Upper Valley. Our goal is to reduce the harms of substance misuse and prevent suicide in the Upper Valley region. ALL Together  supports the Upper Valley through all stages of substance misuse needs. We use  the Continuum of Care model which addresses health promotion, prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery together. The Strategic Prevention Framework is a 5-step scientific model created by SAMHSA to guide prevention efforts (click here for a graphic look at the Strategic Prevention Framework). ALL Together also focuses on reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors as a way to address youth substance misuse.

ALL Together participates in local coalitions and workgroups, provides suicide prevention and postvention trainings, prevention technical assistance, and support schools with substance misuse and mental health awareness events (Red Ribbon Week, Alcohol Awareness Week). Learn more about the work we do by visiting our website.

How Substance Misuse Prevention Works

Public Health Council Goals for Addressing Substance Misuse

Continuum of Care:  Improve the continuum of care for substance use disorder by engaging partners to increase awareness of and access to services; facilitate communication and collaboration among service providers; and to build the capacity and improve the quality of the services delivered.

Young Adult Strategy:  Support efforts tailored to young adults including substance misuse prevention, suicide prevention, mental health, and overall wellness.

Prevention:  Build strong community resiliency to address the effects of substance misuse within the Upper Valley region by engaging community partners and resources to promote effective population level substance misuse prevention policies, programs, and practices.

All Together’s Key Partners include:ALL-Together_Logo_Med_400-226