PHC Seeks VISTA Volunteer

May 12, 2017 — The Public Health Council of the Upper Valley seeks a motivated VISTA Volunteer to serve as our PHC Partnership Coordinator for the next year. The Partnership Coordinator will develop an outreach and fundraising plan to build capacity in Vermont communities. The Partnership Coordinator will manage communications with and between the working groups of the Public Health Council. Finally, the volunteer will help promote the work of the Public Health Council in the region.

Benefits of the Position

The PHC works with community leaders and representatives from a diverse group of community sectors. Partners work together to create a more healthy, safe, supportive, and vital Upper Valley. The PHC encourages collaboration among organizations to deliver core public health services, establish public health priorities, and mobilize resources to achieve measurable outcomes. The proposed project will help the PHC build capacity to serve the needs of towns and organizations in the 22 Vermont communities recently added to our region. The project will strengthen our capacity to reduce health disparities and address social determinants of health across our entire region.

To do this work, our volunteer will interact with a diverse group of people from organizations across our region. All of these people are dedicated to improving community health and have lessons to teach. The volunteer will learn about the connections between health, health care, and the conditions in which people live. The position provides a wonderful opportunity for someone interested in a career in public health, community development, or community-based health services.

How to Apply

This position has been approved by the Corporation for National and Community Service. We are pleased to have a grant from the Couch Family Foundation to allow us to support this VISTA Volunteer position.

More details about the job description and instructions for applications are available at the Americorps website.

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