PHC Approves New Strategic Plan

The Public Health Council of the Upper Valley serves 13 communities in New Hampshire and 22 communities in VermontIn November 2021, the Public Health Council approved a new PHC Strategic Plan to guide our organization between 2022 and 2025. As we move into 2022, the Board and Staff are working hard to implement the plan and look for new ways to engage our many partners as we grow to meet their needs. Please read on to learn more about our goals and strategies. Please reach out to Alice Ely at if you are interested in supporting our organization my joining our Board of Directors, becoming involved in priority work or special projects, and providing financial support.


The Public Health Council of the Upper Valley (PHC) is a regional public health coalition that brings together a diverse group of stakeholders (e.g. health care providers, community-based organizations, municipalities, human service agencies, businesses) to identify and address issues in Upper Valley cities and towns through multi-sector engagement and collaboration. The PHC serves the 12 municipalities of New Hampshire’s Upper Valley Regional Public Health Network and 22 Vermont municipalities, as shown in the map above.

Every few years the PHC looks internally to assess operations and programming to ensure alignment with partner needs within the current public health landscape. While the COVID-19 pandemic required a shift in strategy to meet the immediate needs of neighbors and partners, it also gave the PHC an opportunity to leverage its strengths and highlight where the coalition provides value to the region.

During summer and fall of 2021, the PHC engaged in a strategic planning process with 60+ coalition members, including PHC leadership, to identify operational priorities and common objectives for the coalition over the next 3-5 years. The PHC used this process to reflect on its value-add and ability to pivot during the pandemic despite limited staff capacity and financial resources.

Out of this planning process came four strategic goals to help direct the PHC over the next 3-5 years:

Goal 1:  Increase the capacity of PHC staff to maintain the current level of activities while growing the ability to respond to emerging public health opportunities and partner needs.

Goal 2:  Identify new sources of funding for the PHC to ensure short and long-term sustainability and support its growth among traditional and non-traditional sectors.

Goal 3:  Engage PHC leadership in advancing the work of the organization within the region to increase visibility among peers, identify strategic partners and recruit additional Board members.

Goal 4:  Enhance PHC’s visibility and influence in the region through increased messaging of success stories and system level change.

The Public Health Council Board of Directors and staff look forward to working with all our partners and stakeholders over the next 3-5 years to ensure our organization’s sustainability and contribution to the Upper Valley.

Click here to view the full Strategic Plan: PHC Strategic Plan 2022 to 2025

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