Recent News and Updates

“Serve Local” with Upper Valley Strong

After Tropical Storm Irene, temporary Long-Term Recovery Committees popped up all across the state to help coordinate support for flood victims, and Upper Valley Strong (UVS) was one. When a localized flood hit the Upper Valley again in 2013, UVS immediately jumped in to coordinate relief efforts and support volunteers and homeowners. UVS aligned with […]

Major Updates to Website

The New Hampshire Insurance Department recently announced major consumer-oriented updates to its nationally recognized health cost transparency website, NH residents can use the website to search and compare the cost estimates of medical and dental procedures and retail prescription drug costs. Medical care can be costly, and most people may not know what they […]

Report on Climate and Health Forum

Following up on the Upper Valley Adaptation Workgroup’s recent Climate Change Impacts to Health Forum, the Valley News reported on the productive discussion and information sharing that took place during the evening. Though the event began with education around how the climate is changing in our region, presenter Erich Osterberg, a climatologist at Dartmouth College, […]

Upper Valley Trails – Inside and Out

It’s beginning to feel a lot like spring time here in the Upper Valley! Though we’ve experienced fewer sub freezing days then last winter, the warmer temperatures and the first scents and sights of spring always feel like a refreshing beginning. But while the Upper Valley usually provides plenty of opportunities for winter recreation and […]

Addressing the Health Impacts of a Changing Climate

For many in Northern New England, the facts of climate change become reality during these winter months. We notice our ski areas opening later, winter tourism decreasing, and the sap running sooner. There’s grey-green grass outside our windows where we’d hope to see sparkling white this time of the year. While this unseasonably warm winter […]