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Geisel School of Medicine Student Arvind Suresh Receives Prestigious Public Health Service Award

This article was written by Susan Green and originally published in the Geisel School of Medicine News on May 27, 2021. The PHC appreciates the opportunity to share this news about Arvind Suresh, who was a key architect of our Fall 2020 Community Flu Vaccine Clinics. The original posting can be found here. — Alice […]

Community-Centric Research on Aging Adults

Community-Centric Research on Aging Adults and Access to Healthcare in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire We are three Dartmouth students in a spring 2021 class about rural sociology, and we have been conducting research by assessing both data and primary source interviews with community members over the past two months. We are taking a […]

Expanded Special Needs Information Program

Hanover Police Department and Special Needs Support Center Announce Expansion of SNIP The Public Health Council works with our partners to ensure all people in the Upper Valley community have the supports they need along their life span to reach optimal mental wellness, including prevention and education, early detection and intervention, and all stigma-free. This […]

Keys to the Valley Publishes Assessment of Homes

The Public Health Council serves on the Keys to the Valley Steering Committee to advocate for housing as a public health issue. This newsletter is reposted with permission to spread the news of this tremendous new resource for our community. I hope you find it as helpful as I do. – Alice Ely Keys to […]

Lead poisons people - especially children

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Web Page Launched

The Public Health Council recently launched a new web page with childhood lead poisoning prevention resources. The page contains information for parents, caregivers, property owners, and landlords. It provides links to the best state, regional, and national resources to learn about childhood lead poisoning prevention. Lead poisoning is entirely preventable. However, nearly 1 million children […]